Friday, July 06, 2018

Golf and my my New Glasses

Today, I went to the range for the first time since I have started wearing glasses.

First, I tried to hit balls while wearing my progressive lenses. That was a complete failure. On my back swing the ball would move into the reading portion of the lenses and get blurry and then go back into focus as I swung through. That was no good. I was getting decent contact but it was inconsistent and didn't feel right.

Next, I tried it without glasses. I figured I could do that, since that is how I have always played. That was even worse than playing with the progressives. I think my brain has fully adjusted to seeing the world through corrective lenses and I didn't get a single good shot off without my glasses. I was topping the ball a lot. I was getting really frustrated and was stuck for a minute as to what I should do. Then, I remembered that I had a pair of prescription sunglasses in my car.

I didn't consider using the sunglasses initially because I had always had a hard time using sunglasses while playing sports. I have had a tough time with depth perception while wearing sunglasses. I trudged over to my car swearing the whole way about how much I hate golf. When I got back to the practice area and put on the sunglasses, my first shot with driver was straight as an arrow and carried well over 200 yards. I tried a couple of more shots and both were acceptable. I then went through my bag and tried several different clubs. With each one I was able to get off some good golf shots. In fact, my ball striking was about the best I have ever had. I guess being able to see is good for your golf game and it looks like, from now on, I will be using my prescription sunglasses to play golf.