Wednesday, May 02, 2018

The Conservative Mind

The other day, I was standing in front of the library and ended up talking to one of the Republican party campaigners who was there for early voting. He was started talking about the renovations of the library and how much he liked the new building. He commented that he really liked the new accessibility in the parking lot. In our old building, the handicapped parking required the disabled to walk an extra ten yards to get to the sidewalk ramps. I agreed with him and remarked that the previous building had been constructed before the current laws. As soon as i said, "current laws" he rolled his eyes and harrumphed. Right then, I realized I had seen the hypocrisy of the conservative mind in the wild. He loved the improved access but had knee jerk negative reaction to the laws that guaranteed the improved access. These are the people who think removing the EPA will improve business profitability while believing industry will be a strong steward of our environment at the same time. That's not how the real world works and these are the people currently in charge. Harrumph.

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