Monday, April 18, 2016

Turtles and a Heron

As part of our quest to see turtles a couple of times a year Melanie and I took short drive to McAlpine Creek Park. The park has two ponds. One is the more traditional cement ponds you see at a lot of parks. There is a second pond beyond it that is full of logs and stumps. I knew it had to be full of turtles. It was. Not only was it full of turtles it had tadpoles, fish and a blue heron. Not bad for the middle of a big city.

We saw this guy first. He was lounging on a dead tree on the surface of the front pond Turtle at McAlpine Creek Park

This small turtle just crawled out of the muck to get some sun
Turtle at McAlpine Creek Park

The blue heron wading and hunting
Heron at McAlpine Creek Park

Finally, the log with a shitload of turtles. I count 14. This is three photos stitched together. This log floating in the middle of the lake was a turtle resort
All the Turtles in the World