Saturday, December 05, 2015

A Trip to Pyramid Point

Yesterday Allison and I took a jaunt to Pyramid Point. The trail we took goes about .6 miles up to a bluff that overlooks Lake Michigan. And the trail is almost entirely uphill. About 2/3 of the way up, I was feeling it. The view at the top of this bluff never gets old. The visibility was excellent yesterday. There was, however, a wall of fog a few miles out. It's odd to be that far above a fog bank. It made the horizon look blurry. I thought the first few photos I took with my phone were not in focus.

A stump provides a nice foreground. You can barely make out North Manitou Island on the horizon. The fog is obscuring the island.


Allison and her dog, Yuki. Or Zen Yuki. Or Dookie. Something like that.


After walking back down the hill we went to a nearby beach. The beach faces the west and the late afternoon late autumn sun provided some amazing light.

This picture has probably been taken a gazillion times.


Sometimes you have to lay down in the sand in order to get that shot you want.


This picture has also been taken a gazillion times.


This was cute. When I got too far away from them Yuki started barking at me to come back. I was a couple of hundred yards away when he was doing this.


I also took a panorama from the top of the bluff. It turned out pretty good, I think.

Pyramid Point Panorama 1

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