Monday, November 02, 2015

Halo 5

I've been having some fun with the new Halo that came out last week. I have been playing a lot of games of team death match and free for all. It took me a couple of days of heavy playing to get my Halo legs back and it has been worth it. The video below is me ending a match with a triple kill. I'm not sure why this particular team was all hiding in these rocks. We were stomping their ass and it may have been because they were hiding in the rocks the whole time. Sometimes when I am on a particularly shitty team I will run and hide. I am nobody's cannon fodder.

I am disappointed in the theater mode in this version of Halo. You have to use it in conjunction with the game DVR on the Xbox One and that system is not good. You have to start recording on the DVR and then go back to the game and start the video in order to record a segment. It is the opposite of user friendly. The editing that is available on the Xbox One is atrocious. I have had to resort to uploading segments to Youtube and editing them into a longer video using Youtube's editor which is much better than what is provided on the Xbox. One of the main complaints I have about the Xbox One is the user interface. I have found it to be a step backwards from what was available on the Xbox 360.

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