Friday, August 28, 2015

Fenway Park

One of the best ideas I have seen realized at a baseball park is putting seats on top of the Green Monster at Fenway Park. I doubt if there is a better view at an American sports venue except for the seats in turn four Jeff and I get at Darlington.

Look at that view!
Monster seats for the game!
Photo credit DGA Productions

I have wondered how exactly those seats were installed because there is no room to make the park any bigger seeing as how the reason the wall is so close to the infield due to the lack of space out there. Today I did a Google Street View of Landsdowne St and saw how the seats were installed. The seats were installed over the street. Of course, what else could they do?

Friday, August 21, 2015

Fire Whip

Last weekend at the Comet Grill there was an event called Sunshine Festival. There was a group called Firestorm and they played with fire. This guy in the picture below set a whip on fire and twirled it around. He even snapped it a couple of times. The first time he cracked the whip it was still full of flammable fluid at when he swung the whip it whooooshed and cracked. The initial crack of a whip is a little shocking, especially when it's on fire. Several people audibly gasped. I caught him right after he swung it for the crack. Too bad it wasn't darker out.


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Tree in Alden, MI

Back in the 80s my dad showed a tree on Spencer Creek in Alden, MI that he had carved his initials in back in the 50s. I crawled up the tree and did the same that day. We went back last month to see if we could find that tree. We think we did. The carvings in the tree were almost unreadable but we think the initials we found on the branch were ours. I couldn't climb up the branch because it was dead and starting to rot.

Dad in front of the tree. I noticed there were several other carvings in the tree.

The carving we think my dad created back in the 50s.

A view further down the creek