Thursday, July 23, 2015

Big Ass Maple Tree

In the back corner of my Dad's land there is a giant maple tree. It is at least three feet in diameter. The reason it survives is that it is on the property line of the farmland my parents purchased in the mid 60s. Farmers would use the trees to as living fence posts so some pretty old trees can survive on land that was 99% cleared for farm use. The first picture is a stitched panorama of three photos. The second picture is a shot of Dad next to the tree for scale. In the background of the second photo you can see the trees are lined up in a row, those were also part of the old fence line. The area to the left of that picture was a field fifty years ago.

Tree Pano 1


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Mr Helpful said...

There are hiking trails around the old State Hospital grounds that used to be farmland. There is a line of big ass maple trees just like the one you describe.