Saturday, June 06, 2015

Game of Thrones

A few days ago I started listening to the audio version of the first Game of Thrones novel, it's called, Game of Thrones. A Song of Ice and Fire is the full name of the series. I have just reached the point where Jon Snow has gifted Arya a sword before he leaves to go to the Wall. It has been interesting to experience the differences in the characters as they appear in the novel compared to how they are portrayed in the HBO series. Tyrion Lannister comes off as more "impish" so far in the novel. Jamie Lannister comes off as much more spoiled and snotty. Once subtle difference I noticed was a change made probably to allow for Jamie Lannister to come off as more sympathetic. In the book he pushes Bran out the window without any prodding from Cersei. In the TV series it is at her insistence that he does so. Whether he would have or not can be debated but as the series went on Jamie became almost a protagonist due to his misfortunes and perseverance. I'd say it was easier to accept that if he is portrayed as less a spoiled high born who casually attempts to murder a child and more as reluctant child murderer. I think that makes sense.

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