Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Flying Motorcycles

Another sight I saw at Darlington during race weekend was dirt bikes jumping high in the air. The Monster Energy drink company had a truck set up with a ramp at each end. Daredevils on motorcycles were jumping the bikes up and over the truck. they must have been getting a good thirty feet in the air. As they soared over the truck they did tricks. The usual tricks you see during X-Games types of competition. What impressed me was how casually these riders were going about their business. There were probably about five of them and each rider would rev his cycle up, pop up the steep ramp, do a quick trick and land smoothly on the opposite ramp. Over and over for about 20 minutes. No one wiped out, not even close. They made something amazing look ordinary and easy. It was initially thrilling and then ordinary and then even more thrilling when you thought about it.

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