Saturday, January 25, 2014

Flickr Finds

One of my Grandma Zimmer's favorite places was the Tahquamenon Falls, located in Michigan's upper peninsula. I remember she had a set of place mats with photographs of the falls. A unique feature of these falls is the brown water caused by tannins leached from cedar swamps.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Tybee Island

This last week Melanie and I spent another week at Tybee Island, GA. We picked the wrong week to enjoy winter at the beach. We arrived Monday afternoon and Tuesday and Wednesday were too cold to really enjoy the beach. At least Thursday was nice and we were able to get a couple of beach walks in. Fortunately, we are lucky in that we are able to spend two days in a small room together without being reduced to fisticuffs.

I took a few pictures.

When we first arrived on Monday afternoon Tybee Island was as beautiful as I have ever seen it. Late afternoon sun and weather moving in. You can see a bunch of birds in the foreground. Most of them are black skimmers and they are facing the wind. Anytime the wind shifted the birds would turn to face the wind.

Melanie standing in the wet sand on Monday afternoon.

The black skimmers were still out on Tuesday. Even though it was in the mid 30s and the wind was whistling steadily at around ten mph I had to go out with my camera and get a better shot than I was able to get with my phone the day before.

Black skimmers in the back and gulls in the front, surviving the cold.

On Wednesday it was still too cold to really enjoy the beach. We drove into Savannah and went to Barnes and Noble and got some Chinese takeout. When we got back there was some nice afternoon light again so I took a solo trip to the beach.
No black skimmers this time but plenty of gulls were hanging out. Whenever the surf rolled in they were pecking organic matter out of the water and gobbling it down.

Panorama taken on Wednesday

On Thursday the weather improved and temperature pushed 60. We got a couple of nice walks in. We even went to the pier where I got this shot of a surfer

Friday morning there was fog. I call this one, "Foggy Ocean"

On our way home on that foggy day Melanie captured this image of Savannah from the bridge. Beautiful