Saturday, October 26, 2013


A couple months back Melanie and I watched an excellent drama on BBC America called Broadchurch. It's a depressing murder mystery involving the death of a boy in a small seaside town in England. It starts out depressing and goes downhill from there. It's excellent but it's brutal. Like life.

I did some searching on where it was filmed...well, I checked the Internet Movie Database, I guess that counts as searching. Some amazingly beautiful cliffs feature prominently in the story and are seen in the background several times. These cliffs and the small seaside port are in a town called West Bay. You can see the location below.

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I found some photographs of the cliffs on Flickr.

Here you can see what really grabbed me about these cliffs. They are high and shear and tower over the ocean but you can walk up there from the small town of West Bay.

West Bay, Dorset, England

A view of the cliffs from the water. You can see the cliffs rise and fall. It must be an amazing day hike.

West Bay - Dorsets Jurrasic Coast

A view of the West Bay area from a bit further west. I think this was taken at the base of the cliff you can walk up from the village.


A closer view of the cliffs with a hiker ascending.


This is the village of West Bay. This is the view we saw several times while watching Broadchurch.

West Bay, Dorset

Looking to the west from one of the breakewaters

West Bay, Dorset

Looking down on the village of West Bay from the cliff to the east

West Bay, Dorset

Great, just what I needed, another place in England I want to see.

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