Thursday, July 25, 2013

More From Tybee Island

The first day we were there a storm came rolling in. It was beautiful. It didn't hit us, the clouds you can see below moved over the north part of the island. We got a little bit of rain out of it. The woman you see reading in this picture had no idea the storm was moving in, she was completely engrossed in the novel she was reading. I brought the storm to her attention. I said, "You see what's coming over your shoulder?" She looked and said, "Woah, I had no idea. Thanks." She packed up her stuff and skedaddled inside.

While we were sitting in the sun a Coast Guard helicopter flew by. I forget how frequently I used to see them while growing up in northern Michigan until I see one at the beach. When you live near water the Coast Guard helicopters are just always there, like seagulls.

Another nice thing about Tybee is that Savannah, GA is a very busy port. These supersized container ships are a common sight.

The night we went out to see the moonrise there was a family in front us doing the same. I opened the lens up when a jogger with a headlamp went by.

One day we rented bikes and rode to the northern end of Tybee Island. The northern end of the island is a good place to visit, there are fewer people out and about. We came across a roost of seabirds down there.

Around noon one day we walked to the Tybe Market IGA. It's a pleasant walk about .8 miles. It's pleasant if you don't pick the hottest part of the hottest day of your visit. Which we did, of course. The walk down was fine, it was warm but overcast. An easy walk. While we were in the store the sky cleared and the temperature went way up. We were hurting on the way back. When we got back to the hotel Melanie cracked open a Yeung Ling. She called it, "The best beer ever." And it was.

The beer below is not the "Best beer ever" but it was almost as good. I had it with my lunch at Marlin Monroe's. Silly name but I really like their cheese burgers and Melanie had a fish taco plate that she really enjoyed. Lunch at Marlin Monroe's.  #TybeeIsland

The beach. It's impossible to not have a good time.

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