Monday, June 10, 2013

More Michigan Slides

I am now more than halfway through my last batch of old slides that I bought on eBay. They were all taken, probably, somewhere in Michigan. Not probably on some. Some are definitely from Michigan because I can see the Mackinac Bridge and the Mackinac Bridge can only be found in one place, Michigan.

Here are a few choice shots in no particular order. The dates I have come from a stamp on each slide. I assume the stamp means the date the film was processed and not the date the picture was taken.

Exuberance from September 1959.
Sept 59 006

A June 1959 picnic with old cans of Budweiser and Lays chips.
Jun 59 016

A vacationer descending the stairway at the Chippewa Hotel in July 1964.
Jul 64 013

The same lady in her bathing suit on Mackinac Island. July 64.
Jul 64 025

July 1964, Mackinac Island street scene
Jul 64 017

Grilling in August 1959
Aug 59 006

August 1959 Firing Range
Aug 59 014

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