Monday, January 07, 2013

Battle Scarred

During our trip to Tybee Island Melanie and I visited Fort Pulaski. Fort Pulaski was the site of an artillery battle during the Civil War. Union troops forced the Confederates inside to surrender after using superior artillery weapons. A portion of the fort's wall collapsed and the commander was afraid the Union weapons were eventually going to ignite the fort's stores of gun powder. The panorama below shows the portion of the wall that collapsed and battle damage to the right and left of the rebuilt portion of the wall. The brighter red bricks are from the rebuilding done by Union troops once they took over the fort. The damage done to the surrounding wall can easily be seen. Actual leftover damage from the Civil War! That is the coolest historical thing I've seen since Jeff and I went to the Ford Theater Museum and saw the coat Lincoln was wearing when he was assassinated.

An article on the Battle for Fort Pulaski can be found here.

Pulaski outside wall panorama

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tom said...

And you can see the chair Lincoln was shot in at Greenfield Village: