Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Panthers vs. Broncos

Sunday I went to the Panthers game with my old friend, Granville, and his old lady Jess and a mutual friend Bree. It was an forgettable game, the Panthers were beaten soundly, 36-14. Around the beginning of the 3rd quarter the usual outcries and groans from the home crowd you hear when their team is losing turned to depressed silence. Football is one of those sports where you can tell when a game was over. Early in the third quarter the Panthers were beaten. I won't say they rolled over but at that point they were no longer competitive. Normally, I don't leave pro sporting events where I have paid a good chunk of change to sit in the stands but I didn't purchase this ticket, Granville did, and my three companions were ready so halfway through the third quarter, after watching one more series by the Hall of Famer Peyton Manning, we left.

It was worth it to see Peyton Manning play, at least. He threw several incredible passes. A couple of times he threw the ball well before the receiver made his last break and the receiver ran to a spot and the ball was waiting for him when he got there. That was really something to see. Other than that is was an ass football game.

At least I got a panorama out of it. This is the view from the north side of the stadium.

BOA Stadium pano 1

The walk of shame by Cam Newton after throwing an interception for a touchdown. I believe experts call it a "pick six."

Cam after the pick 6

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