Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Love Early Voting

Every four years a freak show called early voting comes to the library. Our parking lot fills up, accidents occur, illegal parking is rampant, campaigners harass people as they enter the library, there are arguments in the parking lot over spaces, and there are political signs everywhere. And when you have political signs from different political parties in the same space you are going to have incidences of sign removal. Well, one person had enough and posted a handmade sign by the library entrance. You can see the sign below. The best aspect of this sign is the brown border. That border is made up of a sticky substance which, I guess, is there to make the removal of this sign more difficult. The branch manager and I were able to remove the sign without any injury or staining because we are professionals and it will take a lot more than a border of a petroleum product to stop us from keeping America safe.

But, seriously, what kind of a jackoff puts a sign smeared in lubricant on public property?

Sign in library parking lot

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I am always confused by the grammar rule said...

Shouldn't it say "guess by WHOM?"