Sunday, October 28, 2012

Charlotte Drivers

This just cracked me and Melanie up today. We rode our bikes to the new grocery store that opened about a mile down the street recently. It's called Whole Foods. The store has a bike rack right in front. We arrived today and there were two cars parked illegally, blocking access to the bike rack. We had to slide our bikes in parallel with the rack rather than perpendicular. The best part was that the car on the right had someone in the passenger seat on his phone. He conveniently averted his gaze while we struggled with our bikes. When we left the store he was just finishing up his call and as we were wedged between his car and the rack unlocking our bikes he aimed keys at the car, it beeped as he locked it and he walked into the store. It takes a village. I can't think of anything that could sum up better what it is like to do anything in this town without a car.

Nothing says Charlotte like having to squeeze your bikes between two cars in the bike spot.

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Melanie said...

Ugh. Awful.