Tuesday, October 30, 2012

No Parking!!

Oh, early voting, you never disappoint!! Today a guy came by the reference desk and told us that a car was parked illegally. I went out to get the car's plate number so we could threaten to have the car towed over our PA system. Turns out the law breaker was really close to voting and was able to skedaddle before we had to call a tow truck. The driver told one of our employees that she parked where she did because she thought that if her car was not overlapping the sign then she was in a spot where it was OK to park. Good times.

I can see how you could miss the no parking sign.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Charlotte Drivers

This just cracked me and Melanie up today. We rode our bikes to the new grocery store that opened about a mile down the street recently. It's called Whole Foods. The store has a bike rack right in front. We arrived today and there were two cars parked illegally, blocking access to the bike rack. We had to slide our bikes in parallel with the rack rather than perpendicular. The best part was that the car on the right had someone in the passenger seat on his phone. He conveniently averted his gaze while we struggled with our bikes. When we left the store he was just finishing up his call and as we were wedged between his car and the rack unlocking our bikes he aimed keys at the car, it beeped as he locked it and he walked into the store. It takes a village. I can't think of anything that could sum up better what it is like to do anything in this town without a car.

Nothing says Charlotte like having to squeeze your bikes between two cars in the bike spot.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Love Early Voting

Every four years a freak show called early voting comes to the library. Our parking lot fills up, accidents occur, illegal parking is rampant, campaigners harass people as they enter the library, there are arguments in the parking lot over spaces, and there are political signs everywhere. And when you have political signs from different political parties in the same space you are going to have incidences of sign removal. Well, one person had enough and posted a handmade sign by the library entrance. You can see the sign below. The best aspect of this sign is the brown border. That border is made up of a sticky substance which, I guess, is there to make the removal of this sign more difficult. The branch manager and I were able to remove the sign without any injury or staining because we are professionals and it will take a lot more than a border of a petroleum product to stop us from keeping America safe.

But, seriously, what kind of a jackoff puts a sign smeared in lubricant on public property?

Sign in library parking lot

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Trip to Tybee Island

I didn't take a lot of pictures during our stay at Tybee Island. On Thursday I did get up early enough to see the sunrise. Of course it was cloudy and you couldn't see the sun but it was still beautiful on the beach. When is it not beautiful on the beach?

This is right around sunrise. I know there is a sun behind them clouds.

Pelicans, seagulls and a guy with a camera

The sun is well above the water at this point but a hole opened in the clouds and gave us a nice view of the light.

A fishing boat heading out to sea hit the gap. This is heavily cropped and a lot of contrast added.

Later in the day I went for a walk. I am a big fan of sandpipers. I like how they keep running ahead of you instead of making a hard turn and going the other way.

Seagull, fishing boat, lady

After lunch we sat in front of the hotel and read and watched the cargo ships come and go. This was our view.

We stayed at the Desoto Beach Hotel which is a great place. I only had one complaint: they played music constantly throughout the first floor. I'm not sure why, no one was listening to it and it drowned out the sound of the surf is you were sitting in front of the hotel reading. That confused me.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Big Ship

Yesterday Melanie and drove down to Tybee Island. Tybee is about thirty miles east of Savannah, GA. Last night Louis C.K. did a show in Savannah. We went to that show. It was great. Today we lounged on the beach at Tybee Island. A giant ship cruised by on its way to port.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Glen the Car Guy

Last Friday I went to the Comet Grill to see the Lenny Federal Band. When I arrived Wendell told me that Glen the Car Guy was at the Food Lion that shares the parking lot with the Comet Grill. I had my camera with me so when Glen came out of the store with his groceries I went over and took his pictures and he told me about cars and car shows for a few minutes.