Friday, July 20, 2012

Looking for Sunshine

If any levity can be found in the aftermath of last night's tragic shooting and the name calling across political aisles that always follows one of these events it has to be what is going on at the horrible, horrible Breitbart website. First they call out ABC News for making a pretty big mistake by announcing the theater shooter may belong to the Tea Party. Naturally the Breitbart turds express the greatest of all possible outrage. And what do they post right next to it on their website? A story speculating that the shooter may be a registered Democrat. Not only is irony dead, it's corpse is being raped by hacks like those at Breitbart. Most people who unleash nonsense like this into the wild (like Rush Limbaugh and Hannity) know what they are doing. After observing these Breitbart guys for a while I think they believe they are on the side of righteousness which makes them the stuff of apocalyptic nightmares.

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This is no space shuttle said...

When I heard the news about the theater shooting, my first thought was that Sarah Palin came out with another map.
That one is too dark for even me so I kept the gem to myself.