Friday, July 13, 2012

How is that again?

Because I am an idiot I like to look at the Fox Nation website just to see what the functionally retarded are up to. Right now there is a desire by some conservatives to get a look at President Obama's college records. They are convinced there is something there that is embarrassing that he is hiding from the nation. Disregarding that candidates generally don't release their college transcripts, they gots to see Obama's. A current story about the president's press secretary supposedly sneering at a reporter who had the audacity to ask about transparency in reference to the school records has been a fun one. First of all, if you watch the video it's obvious Carney is not sneering. Dismissive of an obvious distraction, maybe. Sneering? No. The headlines are always like that. If a conservative pundit or politician appears to get the upper hand in a political argument he either crushes, destroys or decimates his opposition. Someone got a thesaurus for Christmas!

Comments sections on news websites seem to get taken over by conservatives a lot and what you get here at the Fox Nation website are stories where the comments are mostly all conservatives in a contest to see who can upload the most horrible and incorrect post.

What I find fascinating about the arguments put forward concerning President Obama's college records is that they are incredibly circular. Generally, they are like this:
A) I think Obama should release his college records.
B) He won't? What is he hiding?!?!?
C) Obama is hiding something in his college records. He should release them.

What kills me is that they have no idea what they are doing. Anyone that calls attention to their flawed logic (sometimes it's me) is called an Obamabot or ignorant or "out of touch with reality." It really is fascinating.

After reading the comments for a few minutes I mentioned that no one is asking for Romney's college records. After reading a few responses their reasoning about that comes down to this: Although we have no proof, we are pretty sure there is something in Obama's college records he doesn't want us to see so we should be able to see them. Although we have no proof, we are certain Romney has nothing in his school records he wishes to hide from us so we don't need to see them." You got it, they don't like Obama.

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