Thursday, May 31, 2012

More Boring Golf stuff

I had one of my better rounds of golf the other day. Well, I should say that I had one of the better front nine rounds I have ever had. I forgot to add up the front nine but I had two birdies and a par and I didn't have anything other than a double bogey on the holes I messed up. I think I show a 45, which really isn't too bad when you are shit at golf.

Overall, I drove the ball really good. I have found another way to help with my drive other than slowing my backswing down. I have found that if I extend my backswing then this makes my swing longer and this gives me time to break my wrists and close up that club face. On the 295 yard hole #8 I hit the ball just off the green to the right even with the middle of the green. That is almost 300 yards with no wind help. Golf gets easier when you are chipping onto the green.

Naturally, on the back nine I scored three 8s in a row and totally hosed my score card but for the first time in a while I really felt happy with how I played a round. Golf is hard.

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