Friday, April 27, 2012

Summer Movies

Others have done it I guess I'll chime in on the upcoming summer movies. At least a few that jump out at me.

The new Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises will be a definite trip to the theater even though I wasn't too crazy about the ending of the last movie. Batman assuming the role of the outlaw felt forced. But, I will go see this one even though the Bane character is not my favorite. What I think this version of Batman has done is capture the feel of Gotham City. Oh yeah, and Gary Oldman as James Gordon is spot on. Spot on. Perfect. In other words, he is Jim Gordon.

How about Prometheus? Have you seen the trailer? Now, that is a proper trailer. Just enough to show you what it's going to look like and tease you enough to get your ass in the seat. Possible Alien prequel or a movie set earlier in the Alien universe? I'm in. Aliens was one of the best theater experiences I ever had. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Plus, Ridley Scott can make a proper spectacle. There are a movies that think their spectacles but Scott just has this touch that makes a movie feel huge.

You have to think The Avengers will be the movie of the summer. I can't imagine any movie grossing more at the box office. And, judging from the fifteen trailers that have been released it may actually be really good. I think they may have put the right guy, Josh Whedon, in charge. I didn't watch Serenity when it was broadcast but I have caught a few episodes in syndication and most of what I have seen I have really liked. I have had put myself in an Avengers trailer blackout. I am not watching any more of them, I am starting to feel like I have seen half the movie. People are even posting Japanese trailers because there is a brief glimpse of footage not shown in the American trailers. I appreciate the obsessions of some people on the internet but this is a little much.
I think what can make this movie work is Chris Evans as Captain America. I thought he was perfect in the Captain America movie and, if they play it right, his development as the leader of the super hero team will be the heart of the film.

(A side note on trailers....I know I have mentioned it before but sometimes trailers show too much. One of the funniest moments in Shrek was ruined for by the trailer. The moment I am referring to is when princess tells Donkey that she thinks Shrek is her true love after they rescue her from the dragon and Shrek and donkey share a gut laugh after a perfectly timed pause. Great moment ruined.)

Dark Shadows caught me by surprise. I will wait for the reviews on this one. I just hope all the really funny lines aren't in the trailer. Still, it's hard not get excited about Johnny Depp starring in a light/dark comedy directed by Tim Burton.

The Amazing Spider Man I don't understand. Sure, this guy looks like a good fit as Peter Parker. Whicita from Zombieland as Mary Jane? Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben? I think this is going to be a dud. Partly because the previous movies were cast perfectly. Besides that, why, if you are going to reboot the franchise, go with another origin story? I would be more apt to go see a movie with a mature Spider Man who has established himself in the hero trade. Why not have him as a 30 year old and married to a pregnant Mary Jane? Anything but another origin story. Then there is Brave. It's Pixar and they haven't struck out yet (except for Cars which wasn't really a strikeout but more of little looper than falls in for single) and when they are on it they create masterpieces.

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