Sunday, April 15, 2012

18th Fairway at Larkhaven

A nice feature of Larkhaven is the 18th hole. The fairway has a crescent shape that curves right to left and it reminds me of the 18th at TPC Sawgrass (a picture of the 18th hole is at the bottom of the page). As a lefty with a slice that can rear its ugly head the tee shot on 18 at Larkhaven is a little scary since as the day goes on and I get a little tired my slice can really start to be an issue.

I did slice my drive on the 18th last week but I got lucky and popped it up and the ball stopped about two feet from the water and I had a pretty good lie. I hit it as hard as I could with my five hybrid from about 150-160 and it stopped on the green. Probably one of my best shots ever. Of course I three putted for a bogey.

The view of the 18th fairway from the clubhouse area.
Larkhaven 18th fairway panorama

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