Monday, March 19, 2012

Another Boring Golf Post

Going to the range for a good year now has really helped my game. What's funny though is that recently I found a way to help myself with the driver while on the course. That doesn't usually happen. I started thinking about swinging a baseball bat. When you are batting in baseball or softball you don't have a back swing. You just put the bat behind your head and assume your batting stance. I started thinking of my golf swing in that way. I have found that when I get to the end of my back swing and think of that point as the beginning of my swing I hit the ball better. I found if I slow my back swing way down I naturally paused for a bit longer at the end of my back swing. This allows me to acquire my target down there by my feet and then wail away.

I confirmed this yesterday while playing with my friend Bobby at Revolution Park. My driving for most of the day was shit. I was slicing the ball when I wasn't pulling it. On the ninth and last tee I remembered to slow my back swing down. I saw the ball more clearly when I did that and hit it about 260 yards straight. I have found this works for me because with the slow back swing, and the pause at the top, it feels to me like I am starting at the top, it's like I am batting and to me that feels more natural. It may also be because a slow back swing is easier to control and if your swing starts sloppy then it's going to end sloppy.

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