Monday, February 13, 2012

Vacation Pictures

I know how much people enjoy vacation pictures. Here are a few of mine. I am up in northern Michigan for a week.

You can't fly directly to Traverse City from Charlotte. My first leg took me from Charlotte to Chicago. I like flying into Chicago because that city looks incredible from the air. This time we approached over Lake Michigan from the east and this was the first time I had approached the city from that direction and it provided a spectacular view. I should have had my camera ready but I'm not sure if my digital camera qualifies as an "electronic device." I should ask. It was also the second time I saw Wrigley Field from the air. Beautiful.

This picture below is the view of the skyline from O'Hare.

After we took off from Chicago we went north for a good while and as we started heading over Lake Michigan I saw this city and grabbed a few shots. I am pretty sure this is Milwaukee, WI.

Milwaukee, WI

On southern end of Lake Leelanau this weekend there was a group of locals on the ice sail skiing and ice sailing. I was really impressed by one who was ice skiing. It looked to me like he was wearing downhill skis while flying around the sail. I swear, he was pushing 40 mph when swinging around.

There are a few shanties on Lake Leelanau. There was a wicked wind blowing from the south and it was around 20 degrees. My fingers were useless after going gloveless for about thirty seconds.

I took my usual trip to Good Harbor for a look at the sunset. What a magnificent place. IMG_4574


After sunset at Good Harbor we cruised over to the Holy Rosary Church area and on the hill behind the church, looking west, I tried to get a another look at the fading sunset.

Before we headed out to Good Harbor, Allison and I stopped by Gabe's in Maple City and I purchased my usual batch of hot dogs. I saw something called a "potato sausage" and I had to buy a couple. I had one this morning and it is splendid. It has a nice touch of potato and onion. Unique and delicious.

Tomorrow I lunch with Kevin and then head to Antrim County for a few days. I'd like to get up early and catch sunrise at Torch Lake. I will probably settle for sunset.

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