Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another Boring Golf Story

This last Sunday Wendell and I headed out to Revolution Park to play some golf. I had a decent day for once. For a few holes I really felt like my swing was coming together. You know how that works though. A couple of holes later and you're about to swear off golf.

It's funny and frustrating to me that the best shots I hit seem a lot of the time to turn into bad shots. Usually it is due to picking the wrong club. There is a green on the back nine at Sunset Hills that I have twice sailed with a seven iron because I was fooled by the distance. Each shot was a beauty also. Is there a German word for the elation and then frustration you feel after hitting a beautiful looking golf shot with the wrong club for your distance? Goddamnitfruede, maybe?

This time I hit my first shot on the short dogleg eighth hole around the dogleg and next to a tree about 60 yards from the hold. I hooked the shot and got lucky. The ball was sitting up on top of a pile of weeds and dirt and there was a tree halfway to the hole, right in my path. I figured my only chance was to take my wedge and knock the shit out of it and hope for the best. I just nailed this ball and it went straight up over the tree (over the tree! Holy shit how did that even happen?!?) landed on the green and...rolled off the back. God Dammit!! Well, it was only six feet off the green and if I hadn't pooched the chip I could have been putting for par...but still, you would like to what is possibly the best shot you ever hit stay on the green when it hits there. I can still see that shot go up over that tree and hit that green, it was perfect for a few seconds.

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