Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Go to a Softball Game

Last week Melanie and I took a walk through Park Road Park and came across the Queens University softball team practicing. We didn't know they practiced and played their home games right down the street from us. We vowed to go see a couple of games. I took a long lunch today and went down there to catch as much of the two games as I could. They were playing Mars Hill College today. Mars Hills is north of Asheville.

I arrived today just in time for the last two outs of a 2-0 win by Queens. The teams then took about a half hour break. Next time I am bringing a book. I left during the second inning of the second game. Judging by the pitching and how the hits were falling I am willing to bet that Queens went on to win that game also. This was the first time I had watched women's college softball. I like it, the teams play for single runs just like Ty Cobb.

I saw several players take a step as they swung in an attempt to slap the ball to the opposite field. Just like Ty Cobb.

I was surprised while previewing pictures when I saw the obvious great balance it takes to pitch this way. I showed Charlie at work and he compared what he saw to dancers. I think that is an apt comparison.

Jessica Scott, Queens University pitcher

Mars Hill pitcher

I messed this one up. I only caught part of ball. This is Kaitlyn Cheek and she drilled this ball out to left center. She has a great swing.
Kaitlyn Cheek

One thing I have noticed while watching some softball on television is that women's softball teams keep up constant chatter, both while on the field shouting encouragement to the pitcher and to teammates who have made good or bad defensive plays and while batting. Queens even had some chants they would throw out in certain situations. I liked the one they used when a teammate fouled a pitch off. Something along the line of, "Don't like it, foul it off" and then they smacked the fence. In the picture below Mars Hill players are encouraging their current batter.

That was a nice lunch outing. I hope to go see them play again and this time catch both games.

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