Friday, December 02, 2011

Arthur J. Ravenal Jr. Bridge

On Tuesday Melanie and I drove down to Charleston for a two night stay in our favorite little getaway. For those of you that don't know, Charleston is on a small peninsula between two rivers and the Cooper river on the east side has an amazing bridge that connects Charleston to the mainland. It's called the Arthur J. Ravenal Jr. Bridge. Horrible name, beautiful bridge. It reminds me of the Golden Gate Bridge because it dominates the city's skyline. You can see if from almost anywhere in the area. I wonder what name the Golden Gate Bridge would have if it was built today? The Joe Whogivesashit isn't as catchy as Golden Gate. Below are a few pictures of the bridge I found on Flickr.

This is an aerial from the south, looking north.
Charleston bridge aerial 103

This shows you how Charleston is really just a spit of land. You can see how the bridge towers over everything.
Doing The Charleston

This is taken from the visitor's center across the river from Charleston
US2011 155 Ravenel Bridge from Mount Pleasant Visitor Center

A night shot. Next time I am taking my tripod and getting a night shot.
Cooper River Bridge (night)

I took this one at sunset.
Arthur J. Ravenel Jr. Bridge at Sunset

This view makes me think of San Francisco. I took those at the Battery Park area, at the southern tip of the peninsula of Charleston. The bridge lurks over the city.

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