Monday, September 05, 2011

Over the Falls

An album by Primus that I liked a lot was the Brown Album. It had an organic or old fashioned feel to me. In fact in retrospect some of it reminds me of the Decemberists with it's eye on the past. The song Over the Falls along with Fisticuffs are my two favorite songs on the album. To me they had a Victorian feel to them. Over the Falls is about going over a waterfall in a barrel and Fisticuffs is about old boxers who die due to the beating they take while practicing their profession. I found a bootleg on Dime a Dozen from a show in Berlin in July where they play both those songs.

I am posting Over the Falls because I think it shows a lot of what is great about Primus. It shows that they are not just My Name is Mud and guys in skull caps bouncing into each other and displays the great rhythm Les Claypool and the drummer Tim Alexander can lay down. It is a nice example of the absurd poetry of Les Claypool's lyrics. It also displays the unique guitar soloing of Larry LaLonde. I love his solos.

The song ends around the 6:06 mark. I neglected to edit it down before posting it.

Primus 2011-07-05 Over the Falls by zzazazz

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