Sunday, August 14, 2011

House Fire in the Neighborhood

A few blocks down Saturday a house caught fire and all the firetrucks in the world showed up. As we were coming back from the store we saw the smoke. A short while later I strolled down to rubberneck and take a few pictures. All I saw was the remains of the garage that burned and the exhausted firefighters lounging around the front yard of the house looking the Union army bivouacked at a plantation they just burned to the ground.


I know it's for safety but those firefighters where some heavy ass clothes. They all looked pretty beat.
Willowood Dr Fire


Strike a pose

Fifty pounds of clothes in ninety degrees

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Kevin said...

That is a great set of pictures. These pictures are like a fresh look at a familiar scene. You have clearly captured the downside of an adrenaline rush. I'm impressed.