Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fancy a Bit of Rock and Roll?

Last night at the Visulite (one of my favorite venues) I went and saw Dave Alvin and his band The Guilty Ones. It was Dave playing the rock and roll show so, naturally, it was totally awesome. He's become one of my favorite artists over the years. His output since his 1994 album King of California has been at the varsity level. He played four songs off his new album and they were all well received. I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one there last night that had listened to the streaming version of it online.

Two of the songs from the new album were about two of his recently departed friends/collaborators. Black Rose of Texas which he wrote about Amy Farris was slow and sweet and Run Conejo Run about his best friend, Chris Gaffney was furious. The slide guitar by Chris Miller on Black Rose of Texas was amazing. I'm not sure what he did but, I swear, I thought I heard voices.

The biggest surprise of the evening was the drummer, Lisa Pankratz, who is a total bad ass. Incredible drummer. Dave even called her his favorite drummer to play with. I would love to see her play again.

I took a few pictures. I was more into watching the show that popping off a few hundred pictures. It's harder for me to photograph live shows now because EVERYBODY is now photographing shows. The only negative last night was the two loudmouths standing to the left of the stage who talked loudly almost the whole evening. Even during Black Rose of Texas. I remember thinking at the end of the song, "Why are you applauding? You didn't hear the song."

Dave in his classic bent knee pose
Dave Alvin in Charlotte, NC

Dave telling a joke
Dave Alvin

Chris Miller
Chris Miller

The Bad Ass Lisa Pankratz
Lisa Pankratz

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