Sunday, May 08, 2011

Southern 500 at Darlington, SC

Another May has come around and this weekend I met Jeff down at Darlington for the Southern 500.

Jeff noticed the people across from us at our campground were having hard time inflating an air mattress. He suggested I loan them my air pump. I did and shortly after one of the guys gave us a mason jar full of moonshine. The jar had cherries in it and it was delicious. We took it easy on the 'shine but we definitely gave it a go.

We took a trek over to the souvenir area to people watch and browse the offerings. We lucked into witnessing a couple of driver autograph sessions.

Joey Logano
Joey Logano

Kurt Busch
Kurt Busch

Hey look! Vince Neil was there!

These guys perfectly demonstrate the respect that the average fan has for Danica Patrick

People watching at Darlington is the best.




This guy was flipping off Jeff Gordon every time Gordon drove by

Fun with shutter speed (Turn 4)

Fun with shutter speed (Turn 3)

I'm pretty happy with this panning shot of Mark Martin

Kurt Busch had a rough night and his car displayed an excellent example of the Darlington Strip

It's hard to catch wrecking at night from the stands but this late wreck on the front stretch that caused the postrace altercation between Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick turned out OK. That is Clint Bowyer bouncing off the inner wall and you can see Kevin Harvic spinning up in turn one.

Here is the run in between Harvick and Busch. We had a great view from our seats in turn four and, as you can hear, the crowd loved it (including me).

Heck of a job by first-time winner Regan Smith on that last restart. He drove his ass off and did not back into that first win. Well done. It's not often you get to seen a driver get his first win and see an altercation that has the potential to become iconic on the same night. Darlington is a wonderful place.


Michael E. said...

I couldn't care less about NASCAR..but I love the slice of life pieces like this.

film_maven said...

Totally not a race fan and I'm fascinated by your photos. Gorgeous!

Rob said...

Hello, I am starting a racing blog called "Turn 4" and would love to use your Darlington image as the header for the blog. Naturally, I would credit you for the image, as well as including a link to your blog in my links section. Would this be possible?

Unknown said...

Rob, sure you can use my images. Send me a link when your blog is up and running.