Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fun with Camera Apps

One of the first things I did when I got my new smart phone was to download the photography app called Vignette. It's a pretty powerful tool and below are some of the fun things I've done with it so far.

I love the feature that allows you to take photos that look like faded prints. You can choose which color emphasize. This one of Kevin's bachelor party at Whiskey River at the Epicentre in downtown Charlotte is faded to red. Quick review of Whiskey River: It's a club, it plays loud music.

My favorite setting so far is platinotype. This setting mimics the old platinum print photographs from the middle to late 1800s. It will make anything look cool.

Platinotype of the fairway of the 4th hole at Renaissance Golf Course in Charlotte.

Platinotype night shot of downtown Charlotte
Downtown from in front of Imaginon

The setting called Technicolor recreates the old film style.

The Oversaturate setting.

I'm really pleased with how this panning shot in Oversaturate came out.

This is another faded print style, this time faded to emphasize green. Depending on the setting picking the right color to fade to makes a big difference.

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