Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The World's Easiest Book Purchase

I don't know how it works on the Kindle but purchasing a book and reading it on your Nook couldn't be easier. First, you log into Barnes and Noble's website, find the Nook area and then find a book you want and purchase it. Purchasing is easy, it's just like Amazon.

Once you have purchased the book you want fire up your Nook and make sure you are hooked up to a wireless internet connection. Open up your library and open up your B&N Library. Then you choose "Check for new B&N content." Your new purchase will then appear. Read it.

It couldn't be easier. I thought of this today when I read a Neil Gaiman quote on ebooks, quoted by Michael Swanwick on his blog. According to Swanwick he said ebooks are "inferior to any book but superior to any library." I assume he is referring to a personal library rather than a public library.

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VitoAndolini said...

what does "purchase a book" even mean?!?