Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tiger Woods 12: The Masters

I bought this a couple of weeks ago and it's the first Tiger Woods game I have played that I've actually enjoyed. The overall gameplay is excellent. There is one glitch, however, that can pop up and really mess up a good round. That is pin placement. Sometimes the hole location on a green will be almost unplayable. I'm all for difficult pin positions. Putting the pin in the back corner of a green on a ridge near the slope is fine. If you miss the slope on your approach shot or putt too far past the hole the ball is going to roll over the ledge and down the slope ten to twenty feet past the hole. That is just the way golf works. But when the pin is appearing on a slope and no matter what you do you cannot put the ball close because any miss at all rolls back down the the hill, that is bad programming. Too often that has been happening in career mode on the last day of play when tougher pin positions usually show up. I had a hole placement on the St. Andrews Old Course that shot my hole tournament in the behind. Any missed put rolled away 20 feet. This glitch is almost a game killer.

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