Friday, April 29, 2011

Is That a Bass Guitar I Hear?

Yup, it is a bass guitar you can hear prominently on this March 19th, 1975 recording of the song Rock and Roll. It was recorded in Vancouver at the Pacific Coliseum and the cost for a ticket was $7.75 (including the service charge). Often in these soundboard recordings the bass guitar is almost nonexistent. This one has the bass up front and, no surprise, Jon Paul Jones' playing is rock solid and melodic. Not many people know this but the drum solo at the end is tapping out a Morse code message. It says, "What are you hiding? Show us the certificate of live birth!" Crazy, wild stuff.

This is the opening song of the night and it cuts out abruptly because the next song starts immediately and whoever broke the tracks up didn't time it quite right.

Led Zeppelin Rock and Roll 1975/03/19 by zzazazz

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Kevin said...

All this Led Zep is good stuff Ed, thanks for sharing. I am enjoying JP Jones' bass so prominently displayed in this song. I remember hearing Heartbreaker for the first time on CD and thinking how the bass seems to tear through your guts. They really were the best vocal, guitar drums and bass of their era. They set the standard for what Rock should be.