Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Garden

A couple of years ago Kate noticed that there were raised beds outside the entrance of our library. With all the budget cuts and staff shuffling Kate has moved on to another branch and Charlie has taken up the role as Staff Gardener. He enlisted the help of a friend of his to create raised beds in the shape of open books and those two spent an evening putting the beds down. They spent hours doing this because they decided to make the sure the beds were level. The front area is sloped so they had a big task.

This last Friday Charlie brought in the members of his garden club and they piled dirt and mulch into the beds. Soon they will be bursting with herbs and flowers.

Charlie and the raised beds. You can see the open book design well here.

The Morrison Garden Club
The Morrison Garden Club

This is Charlie's friend who did the wood working on the beds

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