Friday, March 18, 2011

Real Life Crime Drama

Today, around 1030, the Charlotte Mecklenburg police department set up a license checkpoint literally at the entrance of our drive way. I went out to rubber neck and found myself getting some needed yard work and car cleaning done. I saw them exchange pleasantries with citizens and pass out a few citations. They even arrested one guy right before they packed up and went to lunch. It was a Hispanic gentleman driving a pickup truck. I wish I could show this photograph I took from my office window to the right wing commenters on the Charlotte Observer's website and get their opinion on it.

About half an hour after I took this photo his family showed up and before they could remove the truck they had to change the driver's side front tire because it had gone flat. One of them came to my front door asking to borrow my jack. I let them use it, of course. I did feel a little weird interacting with the family of the man who I just laughed at as he was arrested.


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Yeah, it's me said...

I read about that. The cops had gotten an anonymous tip from someone who identified himself as "Durkle".
It seems like the guy had been plotting for some time to park badly at a public library. I hope they throw the book at parking scofflaws.