Monday, January 31, 2011

Not Afraid to Mix it Up

Denny Hamlin had a great Twitter post today: "after last nights Pro Bowl i think its safe to say we have the best "all-star" event in sports.. Put a trophy in front of us.. We go get it!" If there is one generalization you can make about race car drivers that may actually hold water is that they are super competitive. I remember sometime back in the 90s they had a seniors race on the infield short track at the Charlotte Motor Speedway and the guys were told to not worry about the cars and they turned it into a demolition derby. I also remember at some point (I wish I could remember when it was exactly) there was charity race on unmodified lawn tractors and it got out of hand with the beatin' and the bangin'. You can say what you want about the current batch of drivers out there but if you put Kyle Busch and Tony Stewart two equal lawn tractors and laid out a course in your backyard and told them the winner got a trophy handmade by your daughter you can bet each of those tractors will be unfit for duty when they got done.

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Kevin said...

Well said.