Friday, January 14, 2011

Nerd Time

Because the whole world was playing it I rented Call of Duty: Black Ops from the Red Box at my local Harris Teeter. After a couple of days of playing the multiplayer I was hooked and went ahead and bought the game. One of my favorite features, and one of things I loved about Halo 3, is the theater mode. You can view the last 100 games you played and you can create short video clips and share them online. I uploaded this video Wednesday evening and it finally showed up today in my Youtube account. The feature that allows you to post your video clips on the web is still in beta testing to I'm no complaining. I do hope they speed this up soon because uploading videos from your 360 is a pretty cool feature. This is a video of a long distance shot with a grenade launcher in the Gun Game. What you will see is the same shot from a few different angles. Fun times.

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Old School Nerd said...

Back in the day when the Rogue Spear for PC games came out, we used to play online all the time. It was sweet. I'm sure your forum has all the same stuff we had and more. Sometimes I would join a team vs team game and turn on my teammates and gun them down in cold blood.
They called me a team killer.