Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Juan Williams and NPR

The fake hysteria over Juan Williams being fired from NPR by those on the right is getting out of hand. The mistake NPR made was saying they fired Juan Williams over his comments about seeing Muslims and feeling nervous. They should have fired him over appearing on Bill O'Reilly and essentially assisting Bill O'Reilly in defending the horrible remarks he made on The View. As a long time listener of NPR I don't respect the opinion of any journalist that appears on Fox News and assists them in delivering their right wing message. Once you are part of the Fox News team (Dennis Miller) you lose all credibility. You are no longer a journalist but a paid member of a right wing propaganda machine. Everyone let Juan Williams take his $2 million dollar gift from Fox and calm the hell down.

It is unfortunate that NPR did this because you can't win a fight like this with Fox News. They have too much power and too many other news outlets march to their beat. I think the Daily Show once again nails it. Hopefully this won't have an ACORN type of effect on NPR. If NPR loses one dollar of funding over this nonissue then Fox News has won again and true journalism in this country gets weaker. We don't need that. NPR made a mistake in how this was handled but for people like Bill O'Reilly and Newt Gringrich to take a bad management decision and attempt to use it as a way to suppress NPR is a calculated attempt to shut down a viewpoint they don't agree with. Firing one man is not censorship. To attempt to take away NPR, that is censorship.

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Juan Williams spending too much time around and around NPR (music only)

Dark humor: a bird, a wind turbine, Pop the weasel music and News Hour sound alike music. (no gruesome sound effects version)