Monday, September 13, 2010

Short Summary of the Panthers/Giants Game Yesterday

Giants: Here you go Panthers, why don't you go ahead and win this game?

Panthers: Thanks fellas, but we'd really rather not win today. Here, you can have the ball.

Giants: No really, we insist. You guys deserve a big win with your new quarterback after last year's tough season.

Panthers: That's mighty kind of you but we would rather see you have a win in your new stadium. Here, take the dang ball.

Giants: Look, we like you guys and we are going to give you one more chance to make a game of it. Go ahead, we want you to give us a good game.

Panthers: OK, we'll give it a shot. Look, we're moving the ball, we're gaining confidence. Never mind. Here take the ball.

Giants: Thanks. Tell you what, we're just going to kneel down and run out the clock so we can all get the hell out of here.

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