Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Okinawa Rifle Range

I found a nice recent picture of the rifle range at Camp Hansen on Okinawa. I had my best week at the rifle range here back in 1988. I went to the range late in one fiscal year and about a month later early in the next fiscal year. I used the same rifle and was already dialed in and was in the black with my first shot and cruised to a high expert score on qualifying day. Good times. Here's a picture of me at the same rifle range in 1988. I'm standing in rifle ranges butts running a target.

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Lt. A.A. Cunningham said...

I never liked going to the rifle range. That's probably because I was in the airwing and the range mentality was gruntish. I liked to shoot but the working parties were BS. Is that what the Corps is like for people who didn't score high on the ASVAB?
I went to the range a few times as a coach, I did enjoy that.