Saturday, August 21, 2010

The "Ground Zero Mosque"

You know, that structure that isn't really a mosque that is to be built two blocks from ground zero. This whole debate that is being fueled by the worst of the American right really is, as Al Franken said, one of the worst things I have ever heard. As usual the Daily show sums it up the best for me. That video is below. What I say to those that oppose the Cordoba House is, yeah, I get it. I know why you don't want it there. But, you know what? Too fucking bad. Suck it up, grow a pair, nut up or shut up. This is the USA, they have a right to put it there and you should support its construction even if it scares the shit out of you. There aren't two sides to this debate. If you oppose the building of this Muslim community center then you are wrong. There is nothing to debate. Have the courage of your Constitution.
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Stephanie said...

For anybody who doesn't live in NYC, you need to be familiar with the area's landscape before rendering an opinion. The neighborhood surrounding the WTC is a seedy business center, filled with dry cleaners, bodegas, liquor stores, and strip joints. To call it "hallowed ground" is pretty funny. A mosque would be a definite improvement.

Jessica B. said...

I totally agree with you Ed. As a Christian myself (but not hardcore right wing) I have NEVER understood why so many Christians don't seem to realize that if you take away rights from one religion you are taking them away from yourself one day. This whole mosque/cultural center is the perfect example of their double standard. If someone opposed a Christian church it would be religious discrimination, but when they do it it's about "sensitivity". These hardcore right wing idiots are so frustrating to me because in my opinion they do NOT represent Christ at all and give Christianity as a whole a bad name. Thanks for your post on this - I agree completely!

Nicjor79 said...

Whether or not they should be allowed to build it is not a matter of debate. Of course they should. However, a lot of people oppose its being built very virulently. Thus, there is an extremely high likelihood that it will be attacked by some right-wing crazy, probably within its first few months of existence. Seeing as this is a community center there will without a doubt be children there. This simply won't be a very safe place. For that reason, and ONLY for that reason, I think they should consider building it elsewhere. It's important to stand your ground, but not putting the people using it in danger should take precedence.