Saturday, July 31, 2010


Last weekend was our annual trip to Valle Crucis, NC for the Rhodo Softball Tournament. Melanie begged off because she doesn't like the campground so I went up with Chris, The One Big Loud Guy, Wendell and Barry.

We had a good time. Chris and I went up on Friday and met The One Big Loud Guy at the campground. It was 90 by the time we got there and setting up tents in 90 degree heat is not fun. It's usually ten degrees cooler in the mountains than it is in Charlotte but that doesn't do you a lot of good when it's 101 in Charlotte.

Next year we might look for a new campground. This campground is a little rundown. Its only advantage is how close it is to the barn where the band plays. The usual group of Charlotte people weren't there because of an incident with the scary owner last year. If they don't come next year we may find a new place to camp.

Once we got set up on Friday we broke out the beer because it was too hot to do anything else. Honest.

I broke out the tripod and we had some fun with some night shots. I'm still bummed my camera doesn't have a bulb setting.

Because I am mature I spelled "ASS" with my flashlight. Did you know that LED flashlights are actually too bright for light painting?

Saturday we spent almost 4 hours soaking our feet in the creek and relaxing. I read and read and read and read. It was wonderful.

We had a nice little kitchen area set up. I brought camp stove and Friday we cooked made cheeseburgers and Saturday we whupped up a great breakfast and for dinner we had pork chops and baked beans.

Chris over indulged Friday night as his hangover hit him around 3pm on Saturday.

Wendell found this ten dollar bill in his wallet. The Obama paranoia runs deep.

Before we headed to the barn dance to see the Lenny and Michael Federal band we played catch with this Nerf throwing' toy.

Wendell has been singing a lot with Lenny's Friday night band and he was onstage a lot of the night here also. He loves singing with Lenny.

A little second curtain fun with Wendell and Malin.

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