Friday, July 16, 2010

A Positive Police Story

Yesterday afternoon I stopped by the giant Harris Teeter for some eggs and shit paper and I saw a couple of police cars in the parking lot. Two officers were administering a field sobriety test to an obviously impaired gentleman. He failed the test but from what I overheard the female officer she could tell he hadn't been drinking but knew he was impaired so she refused to allow him to drive away. I heard her ask if there was someone he could call to pick him up. Throughout all this, with me taking pictures and dozens of rubberneckers cruising by, she kept him calm and addressed him as sir and handled the situation with professionalism and obvious authority. After taking a few pictures I spoke to a lady nearby and she told me he had hit a tree trying to park his car and while inside he could barely get through the checkout line so she called the police. Good for her.

After making my purchases the impaired one was still talking to the police and another car had shown up. I think the two officers called in a superior to assess the situation because the two new arrivals were pacing the area and observing the large dent on the vehicle's left front. I hope it turned out OK.

Local man miserably fails field sobriety test

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer conveys with her eyes just how messed up this guy is

The officer explains to citizen blotto that he will not be allowed to operate his vehicle

The damage done to the vehicle while parking

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