Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More Racetracks from Space

Tim linked to this article in Wired that features satellite photos of famous race tracks from space. It had no Darlington. WTF? So, just for the hell of it are a few the race tracks I have visited.

Darlington. Notice in the bottom left corner you can see the legendary fishing pond which lead to the track having its distinct egg shape. It's also the only track I have seen my favorite driver, Mark Martin, win a race.

Rockingham Speedway, the track NASCAR allowed to die by staging February races and doing nothing to develop that area. Going to a race here was the last thing my Step Dad and I did together before his heart attack.

Lancaster Speedway in Lancaster, SC. Just about a half an hour from my front door is this awesome half mile dirt track. It's been a couple of years since I have been there and I hope to rectify that this summer.

Charlotte Motor Speedway. I've seem more race action here than anywhere else. It's an incredible race track with 40 plus years of history. It's big and fast and challenging and it's also the only place I have witnessed another's death. Twice.

This is the notorious "S" curve outside of Maple City, MI that is on the route to Glen Lake High School for those students that lived in the Maple City and Cedar areas. The game was to see how fast you could go through the turns. More than one kid has put his car in a ditch here. You truly have not lived until you've ridden a bus driven by one of those old Polack bus drivers that used to take these two turns like they were on the last lap of an F1 race.

Martinsville. This classic old short track is near the Virginia/North Carolina border. I went there for the first time this last October. It was cold but the racing was superb.

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