Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Truck Race

Last night Melanie and I went to Charlotte Motor Speedway for the truck race. It was supposed to start at 8 but because of a rain delay it didn't start until around 11. Yikes. We waited though because we were, you know, there. We stayed for over half the race but we had to leave around midnight. We had to get back home in time for the cat to wake us up. I don't know what that cat would do if we weren't home at 3am for her wake up call.

Once you get beyond the top ten in the truck series there is a big drop off in the competition but the top five last night put on a show. We saw some outstanding racing for a while. If the truck series comes near you I recommend it. The tickets are about one quarter the cost of a Sprint Cup ticket and you have about ten percent of the crowd to deal with. Plus the races are much shorter. Another advantage of the truck series is for a fraction of the cost you get to sit in the really good seats. You can see in the video how good our seats were. We were way up high right near the start/finish line and we had great views of turns 1 and 4. I love turn 4 at CMS, it's legendary.

The video below is the first lap and a half of the race.

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