Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Photoshop

I saw on John Scalzi's blog that the new Photoshop has a tool that allows you to remove spots and offending soccer defenders with one click of a mouse. It's called "content aware." It works better for small spots but it removed this whole soccer player in just a few clicks. I had to tell it to redo some of the background a few times to make it look better. It could stand some more tweaking but for just a couple of minutes of work that's a dandy piece of editing. Pretty amazing tool. If you go to the Adobe website you can use the new Photoshop for free for 30 days. It costs $999 so I guess I'll have to really enjoy these next 30 days.

Futbol in Freedom Park


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Kevie Baby said...

Next: Remove the ball and post the pic for a best caption contest. That would generate some comedy!