Friday, April 02, 2010

No Bama!

Today President Obama came to town to give a speech and I found out that our local Tea Party group was going to stage a protest. I had to go and take some pictures. I posted a few choice shots below and you can view the whole set here.

He may not be able to buy a second vacation home so he's swearing off doctorhood. Probably for the best.

I was hoping for misspellings. Charlote area Tea Partiers must have access to spell check.

I'm unsure of the significance of the dead jester. Maybe she is saying that President Obama's feet smell bad?

I'm still not sure what the connection is between socialism and Heath Ledger's take on the Joker.

I think taking one of the most disrespectful moments in recent memory in politics as a catch phrase sums up the tea party movement nicely.

This makes as much sense as tits on a desk lamp.

Ah Reagan! If only our taxes were that high again!

Thankfully her world doesn't exist.

Tie dyed Jesus cross?

This sign wins the prize for the scariest sign of the day. Could this possibly be the first civil war fought over allowing your poor neighbors access to health care?

On the way to the event these two killed and ate two doctors and stole their clothes.

Of course there were counter protesters. Antiprotesters? Obama supporters? The best part of the experience was when the two sides chanted USA! USA! USA! across the street to each other.

I've seen this picture before. It's still offensive.

Naturally I took a panorama of the crowd.

Since I was in the area I swung by Carrowinds to check out the new Intimidator roller coaster. It is really, really big.


The Jeb said...

Great take on the protest, if you can call it that.

Muggie said...

Love, this. Too bad they got the memo to spellcheck though. That was priceless.

A fan of your work said...

desk lamp with tits=comedy gold

Jamie said...

I love you, man. You actually do the things I only think about.

Anonymous said...

While I agree pretty much with all you had to say on the protest, while the one of Vampire Obama going for Liberty's jugular is on poor taste, and flat-out wrong, I don't feel that it is offensive. Maybe because I enjoy vampire movies too much, and Vampire President Obama just seems way too cool an idea. Besides, if he was a vampire, wouldn't he go after his opponents like Boehner and Romney?